1. We start with a brief one-to-one conversation to
learn about your business and help with the
creation of your new website. We believe your web
presence represents you and your business so we
strive to accomplish what you are looking for.  Your
input is required and appreciated.

2. We design a draft of your new website for your
review with the intent of confirming layout, themes,
and navigation. It is important for you to review the
website prototype and advise of any modifications
required. Once the layout, theme, and navigation
are approved you will supply content for the

3. We provide maintenance support for the life of
your website. We pride ourselves on the level of
service we extend to our customers: from free on-
going website content changes to answering
questions about your online presence.

4. We submit your new site to Google to request
an indexing. Various levels of SEO enhancement
are available for additional fees. Contact us for
more information.

5. Once you have reviewed and approved the site
we will invoice you in six-month intervals. You will
be advised of costs before final approval, and only
upon your approval of the project do we invoice.
There is no upfront charge for the building of the
website. Your monthly fees include construction of
your site, ongoing website maintenance, content
changes and updates, hosting, and service costs.

6. If you cancel the service, your cancellation will
take effect immediately. After cancellation, you will
no longer have access to your web site and we
may delete all information on your web site. We
accept no liability for such deleted information or
content. The fee for the six-month term is non-

7. The domain name that CS Websites registers on
your behalf becomes your property. At the end of
our working relationship the domain name is
transferable and the transfer code will be supplied
to you or your agent, providing your CS Websites
account is in good standing. You will thereafter be
responsible to set up your own domain
management account at a registrar of your choice
and maintain yearly renewals to prevent such
services from expiring.

8. All content you provide for the website remains
your sole and exclusive property. You acknowledge
that all Content is owned by you or that you have a
legal right to use such content, and the use does
not violate any copyright use laws. You also
acknowledge responsibility for any and all claims
related to the content. You maintain ownership to
the Content and rights to the Domain Name. This
excludes the HTML coding, scripting, copyrights,
and all other intellectual property rights.

We will not ask for any payment until
you approve your site! 

you require additional items for your website, such
as shopping carts, photo galleries, blogs, forums,
password protected folders, email accounts,
Newsletter scripts, Content Management Systems,
SSL Certificates, business email packages, etc, 
we will discuss your needs, give you a quote, and
will only proceed on your instructions.  Some
custom work will require payment before

For some of our custom work we outsource to
various companies, and their guarantees and
warranties vary.  Before we do your custom work
you will be notified on those guarantees and
warranties.  Also, you will be given a price quote for
the work you require.  Once you have agreed to the
proposal you will be asked to pay before the project
is started. Outsourced work cannot be refunded.

Please feel free to ask us any and all
questions before we proceed.


These are some of the understandings that you, the Client
and us, CS Websites must agree upon.  CS Websites wants
to ensure that your transaction with us is pleasurable.  We
feel that all questions are valid and wish to create an
atmosphere of collaborative communication.

CS Websites is not responsible or liable for information
provided by the Client.  The Client will ensure that all
information, images, and graphics that are submitted to CS
Websites are authorized for their use, and the Client grants
permission to CS Websites to use such information, images,
and graphics.

Audio and/or video files used on your website must be
owned by you or be royalty free.  We cannot publish
copyright material without the owner’s written consent.

Once you have reviewed and approved your site we will
invoice you for the first six (6) month fee plus GST. (Example,
the amount for the 5 page Basic Website would be $125.69).
At this time we will register your domain name. Once the
domain name is registered it usually takes between 24 to 48
hours for the site to go live.  Our BASIC website (up to 5
pages of content) will consist of your information (including
company logo if you have one), your domain name if
required, web space, and URL and email forwarding.

CS Websites will place on your site the CS Websites logo ©
"year" All Rights reserved.  The link will be live and will
forward visitors to the CS Websites home page. Also there
will be a link to "website usage" disclaimer in PDF format.

CS Websites has the right to refuse any Client or project that
it deems necessary. We will not post pornography,
controversial or other offensive material.

Our contact information is:
CS Websites - 27126 Twp Rd 510, Spruce Grove, AB,
Canada,  T7Y 1H2  |  Phone: 780-963-5658 (after 10am MST) 
|  email: CLICK HERE

We are looking forward to serving you.

No Hidden Fees, No Set Up Fees
Our guarantee is simple...
if you are not satisfied with your site don't pay us!